Makerspaceman a.k.a. Heikki Pullo is a technology educator and a makerspace-enthusiast. In his work both as an entrepreneur he aims to create makerspaces where ideas and makers can meet and grow!

Heikki used to work in the Arabia Comprehensive School as a craft&tech teacher. He also participates Käsityökoulu Robotti-association and works as one of their educators for children and adults. Heikki also took part in opening Helsinki´s first school-based makerspace. Arabia Makerspace was launched in September 2017. FUSE – technology learning enviroment was piloted nationally in Arabia Comprehensive School, also with Heikki as a teamleader. FUSE – learning environment is created and administered by North Western University (Chicago, USA). Heikki used to belong an expert-teacher-network of Helsinki-city. He is part of the STEAM-team which organizes teachers’ science and technology training.

Nowdays Heikki is full-time entrepeneur as a STEAM-education expert, who gives updating training for teachers, designs makerspaces and special equipment for makerspaces. More info about on services-pages

You can follow daily projects on instagram @makerspaceman