Workspace desing

Space planning for makerspaces of every size! Full package includes interior design, hardware consulting, hardware training and assembly, custom equipment solutions on space and makerspace´s own culture developing using service design methods.

Also smaller works on space planning are done. Contact for more information!

2019- Tetris Makerspace, Teijo (under process)
2020 Makerspace Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu, Helsinki
2019- Robotiikan oppimiskeskus, Vantaa
2018 Robonen, Kulttuurikeskus Aurora, Espoo
2017 Arabia Makerspace, Arabian peruskoulu Helsinki

Teacher updating training

Makerspaceman offers teacher updating training on technology education. Duration and content of the training can be modified from few hour-long introduction workshop to all the way to multiple day practical course of maker culture and its implementing one´s one work.


2020 Maker culture in education, for primary school teachers. Pori
2019 Maker culture in education, for primary school teachers. Vantaa
2019 FUSE-technology learning enviroment training, for primary school teachers. Helsinki city
2019 Microcontrollers on education, for primary and college teachers. Robotiikan oppimiskeskus Vantaa
2018-19 Elektronik-training tour for youth workes, 8 cities in Finland. Verke


Maker-workshops that combine technology and art. Works great in events and makerfaires. Can be modified for kids, youngsters and adults.

2018 Liikkuva Linna, Hyvinkää Värkkäilyfestari
2015 Liikkuva Linna, Mini Maker Faire Helsinki
2015 Liikkuva Linna, Vuotalo
2014 Unboxing-workshop show: Future Circus Turku, Mustan Pitsin yö Rauma, GreyCube Festival Korkeasaari.

Stage prop & art piece solutions

Technical support and custom made solutions for artists. Also custom made stage props for professionals.

2019 Sisu: Aura Company
2018 Breath
: Fern Orchestra -collective: Markus Heino, Vespa Laine ja Conny Sjöqvist
2016 Onni: Anne Yli-Ikkelä

Graphic design

Custom made project & user manuals and sings for makerspaces. Drawn and manufactured by Makerspaceman.
Download-site can be found open source manuals and projects that you can freely use.


Makerspaceman talks about Finnish Maker culture and its backgrounds.

2020 Make It now-webinar, Helsinki University
2020 Educa-exhibition, Messukeskus
2019 Käsityön Upea Tulevaisuus-seminar, Kansallismuseo
2016 Educa teacher lounge, Messukeskus


Published papers Heikki Pullo have written about maker culture.

Suomalaista Maker-kulttuuria ennen ja nyt – article. 2018. Verke
Tekemisen meininki – master thesis. 2015. Turun yliopisto